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Mizo Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

The Mizo Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, a sub unit of Southern Asia Division, Hosur, Tamil Nadu and Northeast India Union, Shillong covers the whole state of Mizoram, and the Southern District of Assam.

At present (May 2023) there are 76 Organized Churches, 38 Companies and 189 isolated congregations.  It operates 4 schools and 1 College, 17 local church schools, and one hospital, Adventist Hospital, Aizawl.  There are 36 active pastors and 22 Evangelist.  The total membership (baptized member) is 18,492. 

The Seventh-day Adventists observe the Sabbath day (Saturday) as a sacred day and they were known by their health message and unique lifestyle of temperance. They profoundly emphasize temperance on smoking, drugs, alcohol and promote vegetarian diet.    

The coming of the Seventh-day Adventists in Mizoram owes its origin to Mr Lallianzuala Sailo who brought the message from Assam Training School, Jowai, Meghalaya.  Mr Lallianzuala was the son of Hualtu village Chief. He studied under Pastor OW Lange in 1941 and was baptized in November 28, 1941.

He came back to Mizoram with two missions – To do colporteur ministry and to bring more Mizo students to ATS. With new zeal he translated Christian Doctrine into Mizo and sold 500 copies. When he returned to ATS, several new students from Mizoram joined him. Number of them became Adventist and became pioneers of Adventist work in Mizoram. Among them were L. Hmingliana, HB Lalkhawliana and Ngurkungi Sailo.

The first Sabbath School was held under Pastor OW Lange who came to Aizawl in 1945. The same year a group of young Mizo Adventist from Assam Training School (which is later called Adventist Training School) conduct colporteur ministry in Mizoram. Since then the work of Adventist had spread far and wide in the state.

The first Mizo Adventist congregation was established at Zokhawsang, a little outskirt of Aizawl in 1946 with a few members. Another congregation was formed at Khawchhete and Lungleng the same year. Later in 1948, two small congregations were established at Pukpui and Zotlang in South Mizoram.

To help the spread of Adventism in the state, a missionary couple from USA, Pastor WG Lowry and Helen Lowry came to Mizoram in December 13, 1949. They stayed for 15 years and left Mizoram for another field in India in 1964. They made a huge contribution in the field of education and established the first English medium school which is now called Helen Lowry Higher Secondary School.

Seventh-day Adventist in Mizoram became Region till it is formed as Section in March 9, 1976 and became Conference in February 24, 1993.